The Tee Jay Quarter Horse Ranch is located in Central Kansas at the home of Duane and Jo Walker. The ranch was home to many outstanding horses but the most remembered and loved was Jackie Bee.  

    In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Jackie Bee worked his way into the halter horse game by producing horses that carried quite a bit of muscle on a large frame.  These horses also had good, stout feet and legs.  In the 1970’s Jackie Bees offspring, Tee Jay Janie, Tee Jay Badger Bee, and Tee J Black Jill, just to name a few, dominated the halter horse world.  Many of these horses by Jackie Bee earn many awards including AQHA World Champion, AQHA High-Point, and Superior halter horse. 

    Jackie Bee was also known for being a sire of performance horses.  In the 1980’s the look of halter horse changed and became more refined.  Since Jackie Bees were always bred to work the demand for performance horses in the arena grew. Horses such as: Tee J Ro Bee, Tee Jay Roman, Tee Jay Jack Steel, Tee J Robin Bee and many more, went on to earn new titles in the arena.  Included in those titles were AQHA Champion, AQHA High-Point and point earners in many performance events such as, calf roping, reining working cow horse western pleasure. 

    After Jackie Bee passed away in 1990 at the age of 28 the ranch remains to keep Jackie Bee in the there breeding program.  With many daughters and granddaughter of Jackie Bee the Tee Jay Quarter Horse Ranch keeps producing the traits that he was known for.  When you look at the horses around the ranch you will find mostly grays that are gentle, well muscled and have good bone structure.  In the arena, the halter ring or on the ranch they are ready to perform their job. 

    For more information on these horses please continue looking at the site or contact Duane or Trevin at the e-mail address or numbers listed below.